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2022 Camp Counsellor Holiday Wishlist

Another holiday season is upon us, and perhaps you are making your list and checking it twice. If you are missing something for your camp counsellor friend (or even yourself!) look no further. I have the ultimate wishlist for any camp counsellor or solo traveller.

I am a true believer in a thoughtful gift, so why wouldn’t you gift a budding traveller a travel journal? On your adventures, there are so many stories and funny moments you are going to want to cherish forever. Having a travel journal to write down funny stories or stick tickets into. It's a truly unique way to document your journey outside of your camera.

Every traveller knows that being organised will be your saviour and utilizing all the space in your luggage. So gifting packing cubes is great! I personally prefer packing cubes with a transparent section. That way I can see which cube is which, and I don’t have to open every single one to find my swimwear.

As we know summer camp is a back-to-basic environment, so what is more back-to-basic than a polaroid camera? Not only is it the instant printing of that cute shot. You can capture your memories and perhaps stick them in your travel journal or use them to decorate your bunk. Or even go old school, write a letter home and insert the cute picture home. The possibilities are endless.

You had a summer with a wrist full of handmade friendship bracelets. Instead of aimlessly scrolling this winter, why not continue to keep the summer alive and make your own with this friendship bracelet kit. You could be all bracelet-ed up for summer 2023!

This one seems a no-brainer for any traveller. Getting a strong reusable bottle that you want to drink out of is the ultimate present this holiday season. Not only will you use it every day of your summer camp experience. You will save money by using it throughout your after-camp travels too. I truly enjoy this bottle, keeps my cold water cold for up to 12 hours! Definitely a winner in the hot summer sun.

At camp, you are going to be spending every day at the water; whether it is in the pool, by the lake or on the ocean. This gift will be a fantastic addition to capturing the moment. Also, there’s a special feeling getting the film developed weeks or months after and reliving those memories over again.

This item is a top choice for any traveller and why it should be a top choice for your gifting. Microfibre towels are shapeshifting, must not leave the house without them. The lightweight material makes it a packing genius. Plus its quick dry technology makes that last-minute dip in the water all the more refreshing.

Other items I would say you could add are a waterproof watch and a head torch. If you want to gift yourself go full out and get a go pro.

For any new or returning camp counsellor they would be overjoyed with any gift on this wishlist. Perhaps there are some things that you would want to add to your own list too.


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