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After Camp Travel Planning

Updated: May 21, 2022

Want to travel after camp but don’t know where to start? Hopefully my experience and tips can help put your mind at ease and give you some inspiration.

#1 Do Your Research

Do your research! Have an idea of where you want to visit. Chances are, you’ve seen a place on social media, or through friends or family, where you want to go. I suggest using any of google, blog sites, social media or word of mouth to decide where you want to go. These will help you decide which destinations to visit and certain things to do whilst you are there.

#2 Use Tour Guide Companies as Inspiration

I use group travel/tour guide companies to give myself some inspiration when planning a trip. Their itineraries are always online for you to check out. They can help you understand how long you should spend in a particular location, what there is to do there, how long it takes to get from place to place, etc. These companies are experts at what they do, so you know they can be trusted.

#3 Start a Conversation

Ask people! Start a conversation. People may have personal experience, tell you if it’s worth the money if it is underrated, or even if they wished they spent longer or less time there. Hearing these stories first hand can help shape your travel plans.

#4 Budget

Set yourself a budget! This is one I would say you should try and stick to. Be strict with yourself. You don’t want to plan a big elaborate trip, and then run out of money and not be able to do anything whilst you are there. Be realistic with what you can and cannot do. Just know, everyone’s budget is different and that’s something you have to respect when planning a trip with others.

#5 Check Current Events

Keep up to date with the current news. You never know what will happen, or is happening, whilst you are travelling. Pandemic, extreme weather, strikes, bankruptcies, or other out of the norm happenings are all things that could throw your plans in a bind. Keep your eyes and ears peeled and know it’s okay if things don't exactly go the way you planned it.

My Experience

In my experience, when you embark on your journey to summer camp, lots of people leave booking their after camp travels, until the summer is well underway. I waited until I made friends at camp, and decided to plan with them what we would do. I also used my days off to visit neighbouring cities and do lots of tourist things in Montreal and Ottawa. This freed up my time after camp to visit other places.

Every summer, I have travelled and experienced different places around North America and there are still many places I haven’t gone yet! Just know you don’t have to do everything in one trip.


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