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What is Included in the Agency Fee?

Why do I have to pay an agency so much money? Can’t I just do this myself? This is a question I get asked A LOT! And, while yes, you could do this yourself, it would take up alot of your time, cause a lot of stress and you could heavily decrease your chances of getting a job because you don't have the expertise that an agency does. In this post I am going to explain where your money goes when you pay a deposit fee to a camp agency.

Getting Hired for a Summer Camp:

Camp agencies have hundreds if not thousands of camps that are looking for staff members. The camp agencies match your application to one of those job openings, which is a time consuming activity. The agencies have full time employees who ensure that you get the best job role for you. They do all this work to help alleviate the stress on your end and leave you to concentrate on any school/university work or earning money for your travels.

Support with your visa:

The same with taking any job overseas, there is some legal paperwork that you have to undertake before you can travel. The camp agencies have a legal team who are qualified and dedicated to filling out the paperwork correctly, the first time. They will tell you what to fill out and when so that you will be able to enter the country smoothly and successfully!

Plus, if you have any questions, concerns or queries, leading up to or during your experience, you are never alone! The camp agency is there for you every step of the way.

Health insurance coverage for your adventure:

I know when going to a different country, there are many worries. One of the most important things on your mind might be, what if I get hurt or sick? When you pay your deposit fee, you get health insurance coverage for your experience. Therefore you do not need to worry about getting hurt or getting sick at camp. The agency makes sure you are covered from when you fly out to when you finish your camp job. Even if you extend your trip, you can ask about extending your insurance too. More often than not, they will help you extend your existing coverage. Easy peasy.

24 hour emergency support:

We know life isn’t always smooth sailing, and so do the agencies. This is why they are there for you 24/7 during your whole experience. This means from applying, to getting placed, to traveling, to being at camp itself, and even after. They are there through it all! You are never alone on this adventure and they will help you any time, any day.

2 nights accommodation in your arrival city:

Before going to camp, most agencies allow you to get oriented with the timezone you will be working and living in for the summer. This means that in your fee, you get two nights included in a hostel style accommodation. You are usually placed with like minded individuals who are working at summer camps too - maybe even at the same camp as you. This is a nice way to come to a new country, especially if it is your first time traveling alone.

Orientation in your arrival city:

This is just the comfort you are looking for in a place you have never been. It gives you a sense of purpose before arriving at your camp. It can help you answer those cultural country questions before getting in the nitty-gritty. Your agency will help you with your social security number (which means you can legally get paid). They can also help you open a bank account or show you options that you could use, so that when you do get paid, you can easily receive your money. Finally, they help you get to camp; whether it’s to a drop off point or with tickets on local transport they will help you navigate to your final destination of camp.


Obviously, as all agencies are different, this is not set in stone. This is a rough guide to help you understand where your money is going. Agencies relieve all your stress and do all the heavy lifting for you, so all you have to do is to get excited and plan your travels afterwards!


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