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Beauty at Camp

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

These two things on paper look like they should not go together.

These are 10 tips and tricks that I learnt after many summers working at overnight summer camp. Some of these might make you more comfortable, some might make you laugh.

However, I want to share my tricks of the trade with all of you. Enjoy!



Paint your nails so you don’t see the dirt underneath them.


Lint roller is a must have item. Lint roll the bed to get the sand and dirt out and off your bed. You will sleep more comfortably for sure.


Dry shampoo will become your best friend!


If you can French braid your hair, you might want to keep it your best kept secret or be pimped out by your whole cabin to do everyone’s hair.


Buy BB/CC cream as foundation for your days off/travels after camp. This is a sure fire way for your foundation to match your beautifully sunkissed skin after a summer in the sun.


Hats are the hottest accessory you own. They keep you sun safe, they hide your unwashed hair (and for me, they help control the frizz!)


The best light you’ll ever get to shave your legs is on the cabin porch - fact!


Only wear scented body spray or perfume if you want to attract all the insects. Give it a miss whilst at camp.


Keep baby wipes by the side of your bed. Camp is a dirty place, wipe your feet down before getting into bed - you will thank me later.


Keep scented dryer sheets in your suitcase for your non-camp clothes. It will help keep everything smelling a little fresh after two months.



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