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Cabin Etiquette 101

Now at camp your living situation is most likely something very different than anything you've ever done before. It can be a big shock. I have only ever lived in a cabin situation so I will try and give my best insight into cabin etiquette.

This cabin is your home for the summer. You want others to treat it with respect, and this is totally understandable. Yet, camp is a very social place. It is not like you can go to your own room and close the door; you are living and embracing the communal lifestyle.

To help you transition into communal living, here are my tips for cabin etiquette.


Girls in girls cabins, boys in boy cabins

If you are at a co-ed camp the rule is simple. Girls are only allowed in girls cabins and boys are only allowed in boys cabins. Easy peasy.

Always knock/announce yourself before entering

This is a courtesy thing. After all, this is many people’s homes. They could be changing, sleeping, etc... Let them know you are there. You wouldn’t just walk into someone’s house back home.

Close the door when you enter and leave

Easily forgot but boy oh boy, you don’t want to let those pesky bugs into the cabin. Close the door behind you, as my mum would say: ‘do you live in a barn?’

Take your shoes off at the door

Camps are dirty places, being out in nature all day. Let the dust and dirt stay outside and keep those cabin floors clean.

Ask before sitting on someone's bed

Your bed is your own personal space in this crazy environment called summer camp. People may feel uncomfortable with you in their personal space. Always ask, but more often than not people are very open to having people chill.

Keep your area tidy!

One thing about communal living is the struggle with cleanliness and mess. Remember to do your part. Pick up your clothes off the floor, fold away your laundry and throw your garbage away. You don’t want to be the one who attracts wildlife into your cabin because you left a few crumbs in a packet of crisps on your shelf and now all the mice have called your cabin home. (You’re laughing but it happens)!

These small details are ones that often get overlooked but are really annoying when done to you. Do your part and make living together a breeze.



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