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Connecting Screen to Screen

I know from experience that interviews can be intimidating, pair that with not much social interaction recently, you might feel a little out of your league. But do not fret! Follow my steps and you will ace that video call interview!

Make sure your tech works: There is nothing worse than booking a time to chat and then unable to take the call because they cannot hear you or see you. Make sure you put your best foot forward and test your tech even if it is 10 minutes before. It can help you feel prepared, calm those nerves and just concentrate on the interview.

Double check your time: This tip comes from my personal mistake. I booked an interview with an evening time slot with a camp director and didn't even think about time zones. I came to realize that I booked the interview for EST time zone when I was living in England at the time! So my interview was actually 5 hours later than I originally planned - silly mistake! Always double check your interview time slot, especially if they are based internationally.

Look the part: Even though you are conducting this from your home and you have not had to impress anyone for awhile, consider pulling a brush through your hair, and changing out of your pajamas. These small things can help make your first impression a positive one. Even if it is virtually.

Do your research: If you have any information sent to you before the call, I would suggest you read it. Background knowledge can truly help you focus on the interview and help you paint a picture of what the job could be. Plus if you have any questions you can ask them then and there.

Speak slowly and clearly: This is one that I cannot stress enough. It is something I personally have had to work on. When speaking in person, people can look at your lips to help make out what you are saying, therefore it’s easier. But put technology in between two people: there is glitching or video freezing and it can lead to miscommunication. Speaking slowly and clearly will help you communicate effectively and help you succeed at your interview.

Be yourself! People are calling to make sure you are who you say you are, so show them that! Speak from the heart, speak about who you are and what makes you you. Showing that personality can really help people on the other side of the call be confident in the person they are about to hire!



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