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Finding Your Me Time

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Before I arrived at summer camp so many thoughts were running through my head. Will I just be with my campers all day? Will I have any time to myself? Will I get time off during the day? And so many more. At the time, I could not understand how I would be able to do any of my hobbies, or things I do to relax whilst in this new job that I have just accepted.

Camp is an amazing place to do the things you love, in a place you love. I found that doing the activities I enjoy, in an uplifting atmosphere, with no outside distractions was the perfect combination to fall in love with the activity even more - if that is even possible.

No matter which camp you go to, there will always be down time or free time that you can utilize. These times can vary in length and times throughout the day - but do not worry, you won’t be asked to be ON 24/7! There are so many ways you can get involved and/or do the things that make you you.

  1. Read a book: Even though camp is a bubble of excitement, there are places of calm you can escape to, from the swim docks to under a shaded tree.

  2. Escape in your music: Camp is filled with music, but it can be known to be repetitive and mainstream. Maybe that is not your cup of tea. Escaping into your earbuds could be just the ticket to unwind.

  3. Sleep in on your day off: This is one; ‘do as I say, not as I do.’ Yes I have taken many a day off and not slept, but this is a rookie mistake.

  4. Watch the sunset: One of the best ways to end a camp day is watching a picturesque sunset whilst unwinding.

  5. Go for a walk: Camps are on large pieces of property, you can walk till your heart’s content.

  6. Join in with staff activities: Camp is full of so many opportunities for you to get involved from; pick-up sports games to group fitness classes, and jamming together to staff games nights.

  7. Try a new activity: Where else in the world can you say I am going to try water skiing this afternoon, and you go and do it. It just does not happen. It is a pretty special environment to be in.

  8. Write in a journal: Pouring thoughts onto a page can be very therapeutic. My first year I kept a journal and filled it with my goings-on whilst at camp. It is a pretty special personal keepsake and I love reading them back years later.

  9. Sit around a campfire: The mix of a social interaction with the warmth of the fire is the perfect end to a regular day at camp.

  10. Go stargazing: In the city pollution is all around and you cannot see the stars. Whereas at camp the night sky is so clear and the stars are bright. Stargazing in the original reality TV show and you might even spot a few shooting stars.

Camp is full of fun, laughter and socialising but there is always support for you. Just know it is okay to listen to what you and your body needs and speak up. Rest and relaxation is important to you, your fellow staff and your campers. It is always okay to take a step back and breathe.



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