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Getting Your Adult On

Updated: May 21, 2022

Before you embark on your journey, you are constantly preparing yourself for the actual adventure. Yes, that is great but remember that you are coming home too. This post is all about how to prepare yourself for your time away, but also making sure that you are organized and ready for your return home.

Contact camp with any questions.

If you have any questions, reach out to your camp. They are the experts! No question is too silly.

Prepare your paperwork.

Make sure you have all your paperwork ready for your travels. Double check you have completed all the forms, your information is all up to date and you have proper documentation all printed off and ready.

Connect with co-counsellors online.

If you get this info use it! Make a great first impression and get to know who you are living with all summer. They will become your family. Why wait to start that relationship?!

Tell your bank you are leaving the country and for approximately how long.

There is nothing worse than getting your funds frozen because your bank thinks it’s fraud. If they know that you are in fact abroad, charges from a different continent won’t set off alarm bells.


Think to yourself; do I need this subscription service whilst I’m away? It doesn’t matter if it’s a streaming service or workout program, are you actually going to use it on your travels or is it just money coming out of your account every month for no reason? Perhaps you can freeze or cancel it whilst you’re away? I would definitely think about it, because everything adds up!

Rent & bills.

You might not be able to get to a computer/have cell phone access everyday whilst you’re away. So get your affairs in order! Set up that direct debit. Believe me when I say that you will not want to be trying to get in touch with your apartment complex, landlord, or phone company while you’re at camp. It will be a huge, frustrating headache. Make those preparations and arrangements ahead of time.

Gather addresses.

There is something magical about sending and receiving mail at camp. Going old school has a special touch for you and your loved ones back home.

Actually pack!

I wouldn’t leave this to the last minute, because you’ll definitely forget something (sweatpants - my first year)! Check out my packing list, but also look at your camp’s specific packing list as they know their camp best after all. My top tip is don’t over pack on nice clothes, pack lots of clothes you can mix and match, and that you don’t mind getting dirty or messy in. Let’s face it, summer camp can be a messy place!



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