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Camp Counsellor Holiday Wishlist

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

With the holidays fast approaching you might be struggling to find the perfect gift. It is time to forget about the sock option and dive in to buy a meaningful gift for your camp counsellor friends (or for yourself)!

One of the biggest camp traditions is making friendship bracelets. So if you are heading to camp this summer, you’ll be prepared by knowing how to make them. (And it is great for procrastination)

It’s a great back-to-basics way of capturing the moment without technology. They can use the pictures to decorate their cabin, give their campers pictures of them or stick them in their travel journal. Who doesn’t want to snap memories of their experience?!

Most camps do not allow staff to use their phones whilst on the job. Therefore, being able to tell the time without your phone is crucial. Plus, it’s important for counsellors to stick to times and make sure campers are at activities and meals. Having the added bonus of being waterproof as counsellors will be in the water at least once a day!

If you want to give a practical gift this holiday season, get them a strong head torch. It can get very dark at night at camp (well there’s no streetlights around). A head torch will be perfect for those late night walks back to your cabin or for finding kindling for the campfire.

Like I said before, camp is a technology-free zone. The back to basics approach is encouraged. Because you will be by the water every day, an underwater disposable camera is just the ticket for those retro snaps. These pictures will be cherished and are unique to the moment. No retakes, no filters, purely in the moment. Just like your summer camp experience.

A travel journal is perfect as you can keep those special memories and reminisce for years to come. A travel journal is perfect for you to document your travels, stick your souvenirs, those polaroid pictures and tickets in, all in one place. It’s a great way to document your trip totally off the grid.


So there you go! These top gift ideas are a hit for those camp counsellor friends of yours. Or if you are a camp counsellor yourself send this list to your family and friends to make sure you get what you need for your upcoming summer adventure!

Happy Holidays!


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