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Money Saving Tips

We all know travelling can be an expensive experience. Paying for transport, accommodation, food, things to do and more, can all add up pretty quickly! Here are some tips and tricks to save some money whilst travelling.

Transportation Tips

1. Travel via train or bus rather than flying

Yes flying can be the quickest way, but it is most likely also the most expensive. I suggest looking into trains or buses. These are a more time consuming option but you can save some serious money by travelling this way.

2. Travel overnight

I have done this many times. Overnight coach journeys can kill two birds with one stone. A bus ticket is cheaper than a night’s accommodation, and you don’t waste any daylight travelling from one place to another.

3. Use public transport instead of Ubers or taxis

You can experience the city as a local and conquer the public transport system. Sometimes it could be even quicker than taking that Uber. One thing's for sure, it is definitely cheaper.

Accommodation Tips

4. Broaden your search

If you are a large group (four or more people) travelling together, broaden your search to airbnbs and house shares. This type of accommodation could be cheaper per person than a hostel or hotel.

5. Stay with family or friends

This is the cheapest accommodation option out there. Staying with friends or family is a great option but it is obviously limited. You may feel obliged to hang out with them more, rather than exploring where you are.

6. Bigger the hostel room, the cheaper it is

Hostel living rule 101, the bigger the shared bedroom, generally the cheaper it is. If you are just looking for a place to lie your head at night, hostels are a great option. A place where like minded travellers want to experience where they are, in a shorter period of time.

Food Tips

7. Stay somewhere with free breakfast

Eat that free breakfast and load up on it! You could also make it more of a brunch, and save money on lunch. Or, you could take away extra fruit for a snack later on in the day. Little things here and there can add up and help you save money

8. Use the kitchen area

Eating out three times a day can eat into your budget very quickly. Use the kitchen area in hostels or airbnbs for a cheap meal. On the plus side, a home cooked meal can be refreshing whilst travelling.

9. Buying breakfast food for your stay

This is a top tip when staying in an airbnb. I buy breakfast foods to keep for the duration of my stay. You’ll be able to eat breakfast cheaply and be able to take on the day with a full stomach.

10. Ask for a box when eating out

If you can’t finish your meal whilst you are eating out, ask for a takeout box and take your food away. You have already paid for it, so why not take everything back with you. You do it at home, why not do it whilst travelling?

Attraction Tips

11. Research free attractions

Simple and easy. Most cities have attractions that are free for your viewing pleasure. Nature spots, hikes, walking tours, museums or public beaches. These are fantastic ways to experience somewhere without spending any money!

12. Attraction Discounts

Ask the hostel/hotel reception or airbnb host about any discounts for local attractions. They are people that are in the know. Also, look at attraction flyers, (usually in the lobby of hotels, hostels, information centres) as they usually include discount codes or vouchers that you can use on your excursions. Lastly, booking directly online via the attraction’s website is almost always cheaper than booking through a third party, or simply rocking up on the day.



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