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Becoming a Camp Counsellor Will Make You More Employable

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Working at summer camp provides countless opportunities to make you an incredible interviewee. You are going to gain a CV which shouts, hire me. I have broken down some of the top CV enhancers that a summer camp experience will give you. Get ready to wow your next employer.

International Work Experience:

Having work experience abroad is highly valued by many employers. Spending your summer at camp working in any role shows that you are not scared of a challenge. It takes courage to pack up and move abroad. Going on this adventure shows you are ambitious and willing to step outside your comfort zone. All whilst meeting new people from all over the world.

Leadership Skills:

Scheduling activities and games for your campers, coordinating with other staff and specialities. Ensuring any conflicts or arguments between campers are diffused - all in the average day. But these are all fantastic leadership qualities. You are not just a camp counsellor, you are a youth development professional, how fancy. Being a good leader is not just about leading, it is about being a team player and recognising how to get the best out of people. Working at camp teaches you organisational and leadership skills that will always stand by you no matter your career path.


After working at camp, this becomes the easiest interview question to answer. You will be able to recall countless times you have worked as a team, whether it is you and your co-counsellor working to make a bedtime routine or collaborating with another speciality to create the ultimate crossover program. You have got it covered.

Communication Skills:

At camp, you are constantly communicating with other staff, campers, and parents no matter what time of day. Being pushed out of your comfort zone, you will be surprised by how much confidence camp will give you. Camp is going to give you the ability to communicate and shine.


At summer camp you were more than likely put into a situation in which you might not have put yourself otherwise. Anything from creating a rainy day program to organising a camp-wide event to thinking of a way to make cabin cleaning fun. Camp and kids are definitely not predictable and summer camp tests you to show your creativity and ability to think outside the box.


In my eyes, there is no bigger responsibility than caring for children. We know it is not easy to get a group of children from one place to another - I mean why do they walk so slow?! No matter where you work or live at camp you are no longer just responsible for yourself, but for campers as well.


Whilst working at summer camp is enormously fun with great weather, we know that summer camp is hard work. Working at camp you are working long hours and living with your campers, these qualities truly show your commitment. The adrenaline and fun keep us going but when you look back, they were some tough long days! It truly shows that you are a hard worker.


Being at camp for 2, 3 or more months away from home means you have to gain some independence skills. Whether it’s being responsible for your own days off to make sure you put your laundry out. Making your own decision adds a new level of excitement of being able to explore and travel alone. You have left the nest and had incredible adventures.



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