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How to Combat Those Post Camp Blues

You have just finished a summer at camp and you are riding that rollercoaster high. Your after-camp travels come to an end, and that journey home feels empty somehow. Nights feel lonelier than before and it’s weird to not stand on your chair after a meal and dance.

So how do you get over this feeling? How do I get over these post-summer camp blues? I asked you on social media this exact question and got inspiration from all of you! These responses are tried and tested by hundreds of you! If you need pointers and a little pick me up to know you are not alone in this. Here you go!

Be creative with your photos.

Don’t just keep photos on your phone or undeveloped on a film roll, do something with them! Make them into content, create dropboxes with friends and share them. Then you can print them off and create a scrapbook, and have photos up around your place, the opportunities are endless. Make your photos tangible again, you don’t want to lose or break your phone and now all your memories are destroyed. Make something to refer back to. Make something you can hold in your hands.

Make a non-camp meal.

Stay with me on this one. When you are at camp sometimes is it significant that you don’t have to think about what you have to make for dinner, it Is already being made. But after a few weeks, maybe the meals get repetitive and perhaps you are just hankering for something different. This is why this tip is so good. Order or make something you cannot get/eat at camp. Not having that certain meal after so long really hits the spot! You can thank me later.

Stay in contact with camp friends, and don’t cut yourself off.

This one seems self-explanatory yet some people - myself included - are terrible at reaching out to friends. Don’t just think by viewing their social media and their stories you know what they are up to. Reach out, send that message or that TikTok. Start that group chat. Set up that FaceTime with everyone, and organize group meetups. This special group of people are the ones that were there in a very unique time and are the only ones who knew exactly what you did this summer. It is a special bond, so do not let that bond drift away.

Get back into a routine.

When you have school or university after camp it is very easy to do this one, you can pack your schedule so you can get excited about what is coming. However, if you have just graduated and done this summer as a last hurrah and have come back to nothing it’s hard to kickstart yourself into something. I suggest planning out the week, setting that alarm, don’t always plan your day after you wake up. It’s hard to be motivated if you wake up not knowing what you are doing that day - I know, I have been there.

Book more travel plans.

If you have the means, continue to make new travel plans. It could just be a weekend getaway with your new camp besties. Or even a longer exploration around somewhere you have always wanted to go. Not let the wanderlust stop just because camp is over. Continue to feed that travel bug and see the world!

Make that camp playlist.

You have just spent a summer listening to new tunes and songs that are now connected with memories and moments from the summer. Why not create a playlist and transport yourself back into those memories? It’s a great way to share these new songs with the people around you.

Share your camp experience with someone who wasn’t there.

It is not telling them the inside jokes or the weird little things, it’s sharing the camp traditions, the beauty of the place and the places you travelled to. This is a truly special way to let in family, friends, and loved ones to your experience. It allows you to share it and the stories help them understand why you loved it so much.

Come back next year.

This one seems funny to say aloud, but come back! It doesn’t matter if your camp bestie isn’t coming, you can! You can experience camp all over again and feel a little better about it as you kinda know what happens plus you know your way around the property. It’s a win-win. Why wouldn’t you want to come back and live this unique experience again (and again and again…)!


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