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Summer in the City

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Slowly and surely I have started to get my head around being in the city during the summer. This is brand new territory for me. I have always been up north at camp during the summer months and come back once autumn (fall) arrives. It is strange because I have been living in Toronto for three years now yet, this is a brand new adventure for me.

As I was casually scrolling through Instagram (as all of us do more than ever before!) I came across Camp Canada's new program - Camp Counsellors by Nyquest. Camp Canada helps camps across Canada fill their staffing needs - usually by international staff members looking for adventure and new experience for their summer. This is how I discovered Canada. However, due to the closure of many overnight summer camps across the country, they have something new up their sleeves to help families here in Toronto.

Camp Counsellors by Nyquest is a new platform that shares your profile with families looking for childcare providers around the Greater Toronto Area. It's a perfect way to earn alittle money whilst staying in the city. There are lots of reasons why this is a fantastic option this summer:

Once seeing their Instagram and then exploring more into what the program was all about, I created a profile and got involved. I thought I might as well do something worthwhile and fulfilling and enjoy the summer, instead of sulking around thinking 'if I was at camp I'd be doing this right now', because believe me I would exactly be doing that.

I completed the application in 20 minutes, it is very easy. You simply input your details, your availability, what you enjoy doing and your experience with children. This could be anything from camp experience to babysitting your siblings and everything in between.

'Don't forget when you register - mention me: Brit In The Six'

Finally, you set your own wage - Camp Counsellors have outlined how you can do this. Click here to see what they advise. Usually to register there is a $29 fee, however right now registration is free. So you have nothing to lose!

I am super excited to be connected with a family to play and be fun with. Camp Counsellors by Nyquest has made the process super simple and straightforward. I would recommend them to anyone aged 16+ who wants to bring their energy to children across the GTA or to any family wanting to bring a different face and interaction for their children.



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