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How To Travel More Sustainably in 2023

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

With a new year approaching there is always talk of resolutions. So with 2023 upon us, I have decided to take a resolution on a travel spin. This is all about ways you and I can travel more sustainably this upcoming year and for years to come.

Lower your gas emissions:

When you travel you can build up your gas emissions pretty quickly, especially with guided tours and accommodations. When planning your travelling tours try and look for ways you can reduce your gas emissions. You can do this by choosing a company that uses electric vehicles rather than traditional gas. Or when looking for accommodation find somewhere that uses solar panels rather than coal or gas. Another way you can lower your gas emissions is by doing a walking tour instead of a hop-on-and-off bus, all the sightseeing with more sustainability.

Cut down on plastic:

More and more retailers are charging for plastic bags to lower plastic usage, so do your part and pack a reusable carrier bag for any travel purchases. My top tip is to have a small packable reusable bag in your hand luggage so it is handy whenever and wherever you need it. You do this simple thing at home with your groceries so why not continue this on your travels.

Eat locally:

Cut down on those CO2 emissions by choosing to eat locally. Eat meals that are local, fresh and will enhance your travel experience. Plus, you could go one step further by eating one or two vegetarian meals a week. This would cut down on your personal greenhouse gas footprint.

Get rid of single-use plastic:

Single-use plastic can really build up when travelling, especially buying takeaway beverages. My top tip is to bring your own reusable water bottle and hot drink container. Many countries have free accessible drinking water so you can fill and go. Also, some cafes offer a discount if you bring your own container, so that’s a win-win for any traveller.

Say no to travel-sized toiletries:

With the amazing news that airports could be getting rid of the TSA liquids limit, we may be able to say bye-bye to travel-sized toiletries. Until that time, invest in some beautiful reusable travel-sized set to pour your existing product into. It will equal less waste and will save you money on buying those smaller-sized toiletries for every journey. Top tip: buy something beautiful so that you will want to use them!

We all love our earth and we all want to explore and experience different cultures and experiences. Why not adopt at least one of these tips to help sustain our planet so that generations can journey for decades, and centuries to come.



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