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What NOT To Pack For Overnight Camp

We talk all the time about things we should pack for summer camp but what about those things we wish we never packed. Those items that we packed ‘just in case’ and instead they took up vital room and weight in our luggage.

My full makeup bag: This was just silly! First of all, it weighed sooooo much! Plus, who wears makeup at camp... no one. I only used CC cream, mascara and eyeliner after camp and minimally on my days off. I definitely didn't need perfume, three different lipsticks and that full eye palette.

Speaking of Perfume, this is one heavy thing that I wish I didn't pack. The bugs loved the scent and they attacked my british skin with all their mite. It was too expensive for me to leave behind and out of my luggage. And to top it off, it added to my check-in luggage weight. All in all, it is a big fat no to me packing it again.

Brand New Trainers (runners, running shoes etc): Whatever you call them, do not bring brand new ones! They will get destroyed! You will wear them everyday, and camp is filled with dirt, sand and general wear and tear. It will be pointless. Bring footwear that you don’t mind throwing out at the end of the summer if you want.

Too many ‘nice’ clothes: When do you think you’ll wear nice clothes? Days off? After camp? I’m here to tell you that you won’t. On days off you’ll probably wear denim shorts with a basic t-shirt. After camp you will probably do the same, and at most wear a casual t-shirt dress. Do not overpack for after camp! Believe me when I say that camp fancy is jeans and a black t-shirt.

High heel shoes: Again, when will you wear these? I have never worn high heeled shoes before camp, at camp or after camp. Don’t pack them just because you might go out after camp whilst travelling - don’t fall into that trap.

Toiletries: Having the mindset of I’m going to camp for 2 months, you could be fooled into thinking I need large volumes of toiletries etc. This is silly. There are shops in your destination city, near camp etc. You do not need to pack large quantities of toiletries. It just adds weight to your luggage and could explode over everything. I would suggest skipping the hassle.

Old backpack: This is the opposite of shoes. I would suggest a good, strong backpack. You will use it every day in and around camp, for days off. You will be packing it to the brim so make sure it is strong enough and not already worn through. Personally, I use a waterproof packable Herschel. I can leave it on the docks and not have to worry. Win-win!

Books: This one I have not personally done, however, so many friends have this at the top of their list. Do not bring tons of books! They are heavy. Plus camp is so packed with amazing activities that you might not get through one book, let alone all the ones you packed. On the flip side, if you do get through a book, there are hundreds of people at camp that you could borrow or swap books with too.



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