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You've Been Placed, Now What?

You have been placed, you have got the job abroad at summer camp. So now what? Well now the fun is just beginning. Planning your next adventure is only just beginning. There’s a few steps to complete before getting on that plane. This blog post is going to break it down for you.

Keep up with your emails.

Doesn’t matter whether they are from your future employer (the camp) or from your camp agency. They don’t just send emails for the sake of it. They are all important, either telling you you need to do something or informing you of something important!

Keep up to date with anything on your application.

This means completing things that arise on your application in a timely manner. Camp agencies are great at breaking these items down and making them easily manageable and digestible. They also provide amazing FAQs and step-by-step guides for all stages of the process too!

Organise those random items that need checking off the list.

Get started on those personal things you have to get done before going to camp like; applying for a police check, scheduling a medical check-up, booking a visa appointment, making sure your passport is in date for all your travels. Don’t procrastinate on these types of things and they take time.

Attend any pre-camp training.

You want to make a good first impression and this includes turning up to any training event. You will meet staff members and get to put names to faces. Plus it's always a bonus to learn a little bit of knowledge about where you are going to be working and living for the summer.

Get involved!

Join social media groups, be active in group chats, if possible attend social gatherings. Getting involved doesn’t just mean turning up, or just getting the notifications. It means being present, asking questions and getting to know people that you are going to be working and living with all summer long.

Book those flights!

And if you need help booking them, see my blog post all about it!



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